is the perfect, online dating community for people who feel being fit is an important part of their life. Our members believe being fit isn’t just about looking good and having a firm, well-trained physical body. Fitness for them really means embracing a healthy lifestyle and showing that they care about themselves, both inside and out. They consider the quality of their life and, at any age, want to be strong, active, and involved. Our members understand the power of commitment – be it to a fitness goal or a special person, and work towards having a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Our Compatibility Advantage is unlike other dating sites because it right away puts you in touch with a group of like-minded individuals with a common interest. We narrow the field to a group of compatible people who want to build their bodies and a lasting relationship. On traditional dating websites, you fill out a profile and hope to be matched with someone who is also involved with fitness. You need to trust that another person, or an impersonal search program, thinks being fit is an important enough reason for a connection. At you can be assured that everyone in our online community has the same approach to living well and being healthy. Relationships studies show that having shared interests is a significant part of a long-term, loving relationship. When you join, you will find your fit-minded match who understands how you work towards a goal and feel satisfactions knowing you’re doing something good for yourself. They’ll understand and appreciate the time you spend on being fit, will support you in the gym and in life, and you’ll grow better and stronger together.
To ensure the best possible fit, goes a step further by providing different options for qualifying their community members. Someone can be considered an ELITE FIT profile, which includes professional athletes and beautiful fitness models, to a FIT profile, where people don’t make fitness their career (but may look like they do), or the WEEKEND FIT profile, where someone has many interests outside of the gym but are still health-conscious and fit-minded. 
 Access to Leading Fitness Experts is also different from other dating websites because we help improve the general health and wellbeing of our community. You can find our team of fitness professionals at special promotions, fitness events and expos, and local-area gyms. Our team can be heard on radio stations, seen on television, and quoted in fitness publications in conversation with today’s leading experts in the fitness field. We are available to give advice not just on finding the right fit but on being fit. Fitness questions can be asked in our chat rooms and downloaded on any smart phone. At, we keep you closely connected to the fitness world to help look and feel the best that you can be and find a partner who is the very best for you.
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